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Who is Givio?

Givio is a charitable giving software company that makes giving and fundraising simple through technological innovation. Through its mobile apps [...]

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Who is Givio Charitable Foundation?

Givio Charitable Foundation (GCF) is a 501c3 public foundation (EIN 47-3955325) that connects nonprofits, grassroots coalitions, business leaders, financial institutions [...]

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Who is Dig Deep VT?

Dig Deep Vermont is a grassroots coalition of volunteers working with government agencies, state associations, and business leaders. Participation includes: [...]

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Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. All donations made to Dig Deep VT through Givio campaign pages and through the Givio mobile app are tax-deductible. [...]

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How bad were the floods?

The 2023 summer and winter floods and the rainfall totals that fed them, are ranked among the worst in Vermont [...]

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Why now?

Farms operate on a different schedule than the rest of us. Seeds must be purchased and planted, fields prepared, livestock [...]

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