Sponsor hightlight: Look who’s stepping up for Vermont family farms

Hannaford Supermarkets

Providing fresh, locally grown food in 17 supermarkets throughout Vermont.

Meet Dig Deep Vermont (DDVT) sponsor, Hannaford Supermarkets. Hannaford’s commitment to supporting local agriculture, farmers and producers is deeply embedded in the company’s roots – dating back to their beginnings as a produce cart in 1883. Today, Hannaford carries more than 8,000 items from over 1,000 local vendors, including 125 local farmers. Hannaford also highlights local farms with year-round signage that makes it easy for shoppers to find their locally-grown favorites.

Shoppers can see signs throughout the stores with links to donate to DDVT online and can even donate cash.

Team Hannaford presenting a check to the Red Cross for disaster relief after the floods of 2023.

(DDVT): On behalf of Dig Deep Vermont (DDVT) and the farmers who will benefit from your generous support, THANK YOU. Can you tell us why Dig Deep Vermont is so important to Hannaford?

(Hannaford): Hannaford understands the benefits that local farms bring to our communities. It is more than the food on our shelves. Local farms preserve open space. They also fuel the local economy and make food systems stronger and more sustainable. All of us have a stake in helping local farms fully recover from damaging rains and we are proud to support Dig Deep VT.

(DDVT): We agree! And we’re so happy to have you as a sponsor. Can you explain a little bit about just how exactly you’re getting behind the DDVT effort?

(Hannaford): Hannaford is contributing $25,000 to the Dig Deep Vermont campaign and encouraging community donations. In April and May, all Hannaford stores in Vermont will have donation kiosks available for customers to contribute to the campaign. Each kiosk will include a QR code for digital donations, and cash donations also will be accepted. All donations will directly support impacted farms in the store’s community.

(DDVT): So, what would Hannaford stores look like without local Vermont family farms? How do you think that would impact your customers?

(Hannaford): Our customers tell us all the time that buying local fruits and vegetables is a top priority when visiting our stores. Local farms provide some of the highest-quality, freshest produce available – which makes the eating experience that much better. Supporting local also reduces food miles, making it a sustainable choice for our customers. And, perhaps most importantly, buying local produce and vegetables allows our customers to support their neighbors. Local farms offer endless value to our communities and preserving them is incredibly important to us.

(DDVT): What is something about your understanding and relationship with local Vermont farmers the general public might not know or appreciate?

(Hannaford): We shine a spotlight on our local farmers year-round with in-store signage that makes it easy for shoppers to identify locally-grown items. We also regularly feature farms and farmers in our weekly flyer, the pages of Fresh magazine, on our website, and on our social media channels. As part of these partnerships, we reimburse local growers for the cost of required annual food safety certifications. Additionally, we are continuously seeking opportunities to increase our local sourcing, including for private brand items.

(DDVT): We know Hannaford does even more to help Vermont farms impacted by severe weather. Can you tell us about that?

(Hannaford): We have a long history of supporting our local farms. In July 2023, we made a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross to support immediate relief and recovery efforts from severe flooding. Additionally, Hannaford was the first major supermarket to join the Northeast Organic Family Farm Partnership in 2023. The partnership includes a campaign highlighting local organic dairy offerings in our stores.

(DDVT): We thank you for your committment to Vermont and our agricultural community!

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