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Frequently Asked Questions

Donate online by credit card
On this site, you’ll find donation buttons for the general Dig Deep Vermont fund and for each of the affected counties in Vermont. If you want to be sure your funds are directed to a specific county, select a county fund. If you don’t have a county preference, select the Vermont state fund. You will be taken to the Givio donation page where you can make your donation via credit card, securely via stripe. Be sure to complete the entire donation process, even after payment has been accepted in order to provide your email address to get your tax receipt and either opt-in to share your information with Dig Deep Vermont, or choose to make your donation anonymous.

Please note that only Givio fundraising campaign links accessible on this site and in the Givio mobile app, as shown using this URL format “app.giv.io/campaign…” are fundraising campaigns endorsed by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, and government agencies, partners, and sponsors as represented on this website.

Donate via DAF or ACH
To make a contribution via DAF or ACH, contact gary.carr@giviocharitable.org for instructions.

Donate via the Givio mobile app
While logged in to the Givio mobile for iPhone and Android, search Dig Deep Vermont and click the “Campaigns” tab. You’ll find the complete list of Dig Deep Vermont campaigns, including the state fund and each county fund. Select your desired campaign and make your donation via credit card, apple pay, google pay or Venmo. Your giving history is always accessible and downloadable in the Givio app.

Are you able to make a bigger contribution? Become a Dig Deep Vermont campaign sponsor with a higher level of donation support. With your sponsorship, you’ll not only be helping Vermont’s family farms, but you’ll be demonstrating to your community what it means to step up for Vermont. Sponsorships can be anonymous or honored with Sponsorship Spotlights.

Contact Roberta at Roberta@RPMteamventures.com to learn more.

Donations collected through the Dig Deep Vermont campaign are distributed to Vermont family farms impacted by 2023’s historic floods and extreme weather.

If you choose to donate to a specific county, we ensure those funds are provided to family farmers working in that county only. If you donate to the general state fund, the Vermont Farm Bureau and the Agency for Agriculture, Food, and Markets determines the best use of the funds for Vermont Family Farms, based on the highest priority needs throughout the state.

Note that when making a donation online or via the mobile app, merchant fees (usually 2.2% plus 30 cents) plus a 4% processing fee will be deducted from the total donation. ACH or DAF fees may apply pursuant to your financial institution / DAF management. 

Givio Charitable Foundation, a 501c3 foundation (EIN 47-3955325) collects donations and provides fiscal management for each of the 14 County Campaigns and the overarching Vermont State Fund Campaign. The Vermont Farm Bureau grants the funds to family farmers who have applied for state assistance.  The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets shares its related knowledge and exclusively serves in an advisory capacity.

More than 350 family farms have already applied. Farms that haven’t done so already can fill out an assistance request form, here https://digdeepvt.com/request-farm-assistance/. A representative from Vermont Farm Bureau will follow up with the request.

Qualifying applicants must be Vermont farmers or food producers who have suffered a devastating loss due to an unexpected natural disaster or extreme weather event in 2023 that puts their farm or farming career in danger. Examples of qualifying emergencies include loss of the below due to fire, flood, wind, extreme temperatures, drought and/or hail:
  • Buildings
  • Animals
  • Equipment
  • Greenhouses
  • Crops and hay fields

Businesses should be in otherwise good financial health, save for the unexpected impacts of the natural disaster or extreme weather. The assistance should help put the business back on track to profitability. Cash shortfalls due to equipment failure, unanticipated business situations and/or insufficient cash flow not caused by nature do not qualify as emergencies.

Dig Deep Vermont is a grassroots coalition of volunteers working with government agencies, state associations, and business leaders. Participation includes:

  • Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, & Markets
  • Vermont Farm Bureau
  • Vermont Association of Broadcasters
  • Vermont Association of Credit Unions
  • Ski Vermont

Learn more about Dig Deep Vermont.

2023 saw historic floods and extreme weather that wiped out crops, damaged equipment and depleted the necessary resources to keep Vermont’s family farms alive and thriving. 2024 then brought crippling rains compounding an already perilous situation. While some family farms may have received a small amount of FEMA support or charitable contributions from other sources, too many family farms are suffering losses that threaten their very survival. Loss estimates are at nearly $45 million and could go even higher.

Vermont’s family farms have come through for our community, time and time again. They are our community’s life blood, contributing to our health and economic wellness. Now they need our help to recover. Let’s be there for them. 

Yes. It was much worse than you may have even imagined.

The 2023 severe weather and floods are ranked among the worst in Vermont history. In fact, only the November 1927 floods were worse. Click here to read the Severe Weather and Flooding Loss and Damage Survey Results from August 31, 2023. Making the already devastating situation even worse, 2024 has seen crippling rains, adding to the challenges our family farmers must overcome.

You may not be able to see the damage as you drive by Vermont’s family farms, but the losses in fact are staggering across the state. Now it’s time for farmers to prepare their fields for planting to recover their operations and recoup some of their losses, but they need our help to do it. Please consider making a donation, today.

Yes. All donations made to Dig Deep Vermont through Givio campaign pages, through the Givio mobile app, via ACH or DAF are tax-deductible.

Givio Charitable Foundation, a 501c3 foundation (EIN 47-3955325) serving as the fiscal sponsor for this fundraising campaign, issues tax receipts via email to all donors who opt-in to receive a tax receipt at the end of the online donation process, through the mobile app, via ACH or DAF.

When making your online donation to one of the 15 campaigns available (one for each county, plus the state), you will have the option to opt-in to receive a tax-receipt by entering your email address at the end of the donation process, after your payment has been processed. Your receipt should arrive immediately after, though sometimes it can take up to an hour.

You can also download the Givio mobile app for iPhone or Android, register for a free Givio account and make your donation via the mobile app. The mobile app tracks all of your donations in one place and offers a downloadable giving history. You can find all of your favorite nonprofits and fundraising campaigns using the search bar, selecting from the “nonprofit” or “campaign” tab.

Dig Deep Vermont will be running throughout the Winter, Spring and part of Summer of 2024 in attempt to help recover nearly $45 million in losses. The target is to raise and disburse all funds by the end of Summer 2024.

As with any natural disaster, such as 2023’s catastrophic flooding, assessing the damage can take time. Initial estimates of losses have skyrocketed since more survey data has been collected, and it may still climb further.

Loss estimates have been tallied by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM) by collecting data in a VAAFM survey and also by reviewing Business Emergency Gap Assistance Applications.

As new information becomes available, we will provide updates on this website.

Anyone can get involved to help Vermont’s family farms. Here are just a few ways you can help:

1 – Make a tax-deductible donation

2 – Become a Dig Deep Vermont sponsor. Contact Roberta at Roberta@RPMteamventures.com to learn how.

3 – Promote the Dig Deep Vermont campaign. This Toolkit will provide you with boilerplates, graphics, photography, video resources and media contacts to promote Dig Deep Vermont.

Givio Charitable Foundation (GCF) is a 501c3 public foundation (EIN 47-3955325) that connects nonprofits, grassroots coalitions, business leaders, financial institutions and public-private partnerships to strengthen communities. GCF offers fiscal sponsorship, DAF grant management, payment processing, receipting and related charitable services. www.giviocharitable.org

Givio Charitable Foundation is partnering with Dig Deep Vermont to collect donations and provide fiscal management for each of the 14 County Campaigns and the overarching Vermont State Fund Campaign. All funds received by Givio Charitable Foundation are then released to the Vermont Farm Bureau for disbursement to Vermont family farmers in cooperation with the Vermont Agency for Agriculture, Food, and Markets.

Givio is a charitable giving software company that makes giving and fundraising simple through technological innovation. Through its mobile apps and its Charitable Banking solution integrated into online banking, Givio connects donors, nonprofits and community leaders for a better giving and fundraising experience for everyone involved. Givio is working in partnership with Givio Charitable Foundation to support Dig Deep Vermont.  www.giv.io

With Givio, there are no direct costs to the giver. Donating through a Givio donation web page, through the Givio mobile app and through Givio Charitable Banking are free for the donor.

When donating through a Givio web page or the mobile app, merchant fees will apply, which are usually 2.2% plus 30¢ (international cards can charge more). Givio also charges a small administration fee of not more than 4% for the processing of the donation, which helps us keep the lights on. Total fees are netted from the donation before sending it to the designated nonprofit. So if you donate $100 your nonprofit would receive $93.50 in most cases.

If you’re using Givio through your financial institution, the fees are reduced to 2% and may be covered by your financial institution. You can inquire with your bank or credit union if they cover the administration fees. You can read the Givio Terms of Use here: https://giv.io/termsofuse/ 

Need technical support or have questions about how to make your donation?

Email support@giv.io

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